Last Date for Registration: 30 September 2018

About The Event

Mahatma Gandhi! A name that still evokes a range of ideas and ideal in almost everyone in India and globe. Mahatma was a phenomenon which is still rendered uncomprehendable. He is remembered for innumerable things. He fought for Diversity, he stood for Education, Swadeshi, Swarajya, Literacy (Nai Talim), Environment, spirituality. He is remembered through images of khadi, Charaka, Salt, fasting and such like. He can also be described a man with dedication, commitment, sincerity, service, simplicity and so on. Dandi, Sabarmati, Wardha, Satyagraha, Swarajya, svatantra all these words remind us Bapu all the time. At his call Indians few decades back was ready to lay down their lives for the freedom of the country from foreign powers. His name lives on. Even after all these years, his principles, dedication and mission continue to inspire the country. Let us try to remember this desi fakir by trading his path. Here is an opportunity to put forward the ideas on canvas. Come Join us.


Categories & Registration Fee : Children ( Till 12th std. ) : Free Art Student : Rs. 150 | Hobby/ Professional : Rs. 300

Prize for Art Students & Hobby/ Professional Category First : Rs. 5000 | Second : Rs. 3000 | Third : Rs. 2000

Prize for Children Category : Citation & Certificate

For queries +91 84969 64796 | +91 96114 25427

Rules and Regulations

  • Students/ Hobby/ Proffesional Category Participantes will be provided with an easel,canvas (2ft X 2ft). For Children Category, sheets will be provided.
  • Art Works will be returned to artists after the Exhibition Except Winners Art Works.
  • Paints, brush, pallet and other necessary things have to be arranged by participants themselves.
  • Interested participants should register before 30 September 2018.