Bangalore is called the garden city with green patches spreading all over the city along with numerous lakes. Few decades ago Bangalore had about 50 lakes in and around the city creating its own biodiversity pockets. Primarily these lakes were the main source of water for drinking and irrigation. The rapid urbanization in the city posed serious threat to the natural recourses of the city by taking over the breathing spaces like green lands, parks, water bodies and urban forest patches. The worst hit among these is lakes and water bodies. Among 50 lakes only 20 lakes exist, rest of the lakes has vanished due to illegal encroachment, land fill and other means of urbanization.

Lakes are the eco-systems which supports the urban areas to maintain ecological balance. Vanishing lakes and water bodies in Bangalore is a dangerous trend challenging the survival of the city. It’s time to act before things go out of our hand. We the bangaloreans have to take an initiative to save the existing lakes and water bodies of Bengaluru.

ART MATTERS with its objective of art for cause has decided to organise an art event to create awareness on endangered lakes of Bangalore. The work of art by the young artists will created awareness on various issues related to Bangalore’s water bodies and ecology.